About B&R Sports

B&R Sporting Goods has been serving the hockey community since 1984. We specialize in customer service and product knowledge to ensure that our clients make the best investments in their equipment. Our B&R Online Shopping allows us to reach a larger client base so customers living further away can still enjoy the top products that B&R carries in our stores. B&R Online Shopping is where the first-time visitors or veteran team shoppers can browse first quality products from the leaders in the industry. No seconds, no used products or blems for our customers. We owe it to the hockey consumer to assist you in spending your money wisely. 

We welcome your questions. Our expert staff is at your disposal. For your convenience, you can contact us either by telephone for "person to person" assistance or via e-mail. You will have your answer in 24 hours or less. 

Make your team special with custom jerseys, apparel and more, available with embroidery or silk screening done in-house. Our design team is at your disposal. 

We offer expert skate repair and sharpening at all of our locations. Visit a store front location or contact us regarding shipping your damaged product to us for repair.

Investing in the right equipment will yield a big return for the hockey player. 

B&R Sports: Your One Stop Shop for Everything Hockey!